Mokykla 2013: ieškoti, atrasti, išdrįsti

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The exhibition MOKYKLA (SCHOOL) has been organized in Lithuania since 2011. About 50 000 visitors (mostly education community representatives) have participated in this event in 2011 and 2012.

The exhibition is a great opportunity to make mutually useful ties both for enterprises which participate in educational tools and services market and for education community representatives.

Opportunities for Education community: Interactive classrooms are operating in the exhibition where the most advanced technologies such as interactive whiteboards, digital textbooks, digital microscopes and many others are available for testing and evaluating.  If desirable tools fit expectations, they might be purchased.

Exhibition visitors also have wide opportunities to improve their knowledge in specially organized educational events, to take part in discussions and to share best practices and educational ideas with others.

Opportunities for enterprises:  Every participating enterprise is provided with a unique possibility of presentation and introduction of its products and services, the most up to date school equipment and more importantly, to make mutually useful ties.

This year the exhibition will take place on 6–8 December in Lithuanian Exhibition and Convention Centre (LITEXPO).

Organisers:   Ministry of Education and Science, Education Development Centre, Lithuanian Exhibition and Convention Centre (LITEXPO).

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