Project title: Empowering School Librarians
Partners: Universe
Project duration: 22nd November, 2011 – 22nd November, 2013
Project description: Goal: Improving School library services.
Enhancing the use of information systems
Enriching school libraries with e-content (Virtual Educational Library)
Support and development of Handbooks Database
Building Professional learning community of school librarians
Sharing good practices
Implementing innovations in school libraries
Round-table discussions on municipal level
Courses for school librarians
Enhancing e-skills, information and media literacy
Providing courses required for informal teaching
Courses for handbook content experts
Expected results: 1200 school librarians develop their competencies (4/5 of all Lithuanian school librarians)
Target group(s): School librarians, handbook content experts
Contact person: Daina Karlonaitė, Project Manager
Contacts (phone, email): +370 647 85908,


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