Project title: Storage of electronic learning programs and subjects for adults
Partners: -
Project duration: 48 months
Project description: Project’s aim is to create a new and interactive electronic educational service that enables adults to take part in lifelong learning. Implementation of project activities will create an opportunity for adults to get informal electronic learning services by using learning programs and subjects storage.
Expected results: • New interactive electronic educational service will be developed that will enable more adults to take part in lifelong learning.
• Computer infrastructure of learning programs and subjects’ storage will be created and implemented.
• Using electronic and telephone equipment call center infrastructure will be created that will enable consulting adults using learning programs and subjects storage.
• 500 electronic learning objects in 9 competences will be created and placed in subjects’ storage.
• Leaning subjects will be accessed using internet. Some of information will be accessible using mobile connections too.
Mobile connection will allow reaching small size information such as timetables, announcements, news, topicality and etc.
• Information about adult education institutions (about 300-400 of institutions) will be collected and placed in subjects storage.
Target group(s): Adults 25-64 years old
Contact person: Saulius Samulevičius, Project Manager
Contacts (phone, email): + 370 5 277 7690,
+370 615 94812,


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