Project title: Development of the adult education system by providing key competences to learners
Partners: -
Project duration: 4 years (22/03/2010 until 22/02/2014)
Project description: The Education Development Centre subordinate to the Ministry of Education and Science is implementing the project. The project ‘Development of the adult education system by providing key competences to learners’ launched in 2010 and implements key priorities of the lifelong learning strategy (2008). This project is intended for the development of a comprehensive adult education system in Lithuania. The aims of the project are to develop a network of informal adult education services and its accessibility, train key competences, improve qualifications of managers and teachers of adult education institutions, implement innovative contents of adult education, and increase the availability of information and non-formal education services.
Expected results: The project is implemented in 2 stages (2010–2012 and 2012–2014). During the first stage of the project LTL 6.7 million was allocated and LTL 9.5 million is planned for the second stage. In 2010–2012, implementing the ESF-funded project, free key competence courses for adults were organised in 25 municipalities of Lithuania and were attended by more than 1,500 people. Adults enhanced their knowledge in the areas of finance, non-formal vocational training, legal literacy, civic education, English language, computer literacy, and entrepreneurship and also received training in healthy lifestyle, safe road traffic, parenting, artistic skills, and studied other subjects under 15 innovative programmes of non-formal adult education. Furthermore, 5 types of training took place for andragogues and education managers (‘Interinstitutional cooperation training in municipalities’,‘Training for employees of national level institutions for adult education’, Training in andragogic management’,‘Training of andragogues-practitioners’,‘and the module ‘Andragogic studies’). During training, over 300 andragogues and education managers were trained. During the implementation of the project, qualification training was also carried out at institutions of adult education abroad.

The 2nd stage of the project can be divided into 3 main activity groups that are planed:

1) To perform an analysis of the Third Age Universities (TAU) system operations, organise training for the employees and learners of this area, prepare educational literature, and produce an educational video. The direct target group is over 530 people.
2) To develop nine new learning modules, translate theoretical and methodological literature and distribute it to the target audience as well as educational institutions and libraries.
3) To arrange training of adults in 19 modules in 25 municipalities and qualification training courses for andragogues, including training at adult educational institutions abroad. Training is available for up to 2,500 adults and over 230 andragogues and education managers.
4) To arrange training for people who are at social risk, with special needs and socially excluded. The direct target group is 2,500 adults.

During the project, activities of the 1st stage of the project that proved to be very popular with participants will be carried out – further preparation and implementation of non-traditional learning is planned. During the implementation of the project, a cycle of 12 educational radio programmes, broadcasting of educational films and social video clips, issue of audio books, preparation of study material in the form of video, publication of a magazine, and administration of the info portal Adult Education are planned. In 2012, 12 publications of methodological material, intended for non-formal adult education, are planned. The publications will be provided to adult education centres, schools and libraries.

Target group(s): The direct target group of the project is about 7560 people. Adult learners, administrative staff and visitors of the Third Age universities, managers of the adult education institutions, adult teachers and other participants of the adult education system.
Contact person: Jūratė Tamošaitytė, Project manager
Contacts (phone, email): (8 5) 277 1550;
8 679 65295


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