About the project

European Union Erasmus + KA2 Programme ( Cooperation for Innovation and the Exchange of Good Practices. Strategic Partnerships) Project. NR. 2016–1-LT-01-KA201–023146 „STEM Capacity Building".


  1. Lithuania - Education Development Center;

  2. The Netherlands- University of Amsterdam;

  3. Spain, Galicia - Central Autonomic de Formación e Innovación (CAFI);

  4. Grece, Kilkenny- regional education center EPIMORFOTIKI Kilkenny Single Member LLC (EPIMORFOTIKI);

  5. Grece, Kilkenny -regional adult education center DIEFTHYNSI DEFTEROVATHMIAS EKPAIDEFSIS Kilkenny (DIDE);

  6. Portugal - Centro de Recursos e EDUCATIVO formação (CREF).

Project goal:

To build a critical mass of teachers capable to implement a cohesive approach in STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) teaching, which is based on ideas of values promotion, more complex integration in STEM education and learner-focused approach, and contribute to the development of responsible individual, who uses science to contribute to the progress and well-being of society.

Project objectives:

  • To identify new and explore effective forms and methods in STEM teaching, learning and assessment;

  • To share experience of good practice on:
    - increasing students' interest in STEM and creative STEM application through engaging, integrated STEM learning activities tailored to learner needs and capabilities;

    - developing students’ skills of creativity and critical thinking, STMD competences (STMD = mathematical competence, basic competencies in science and technology, digital competence) social and civic competences;

  • To guide teachers, how to organise STEM teaching based on values promotion, more complex integration in STEM education and learner-focused approach;

  • To develop teachers’ skills and competences necessary for cohesive STEM education implementation;

  • To support the development of international network of STEM teachers and peer learning community.

Project output:

  • MOOC. Massive online courses as a form will guarantee that we reach the maximum possible number of teachers in STEM focused schools and at the same time will ensure equal opportunities for the best STEM subject teachers from schools not focused in STEM. MOOC will also provide a virtual meeting and discussion space for international peers. As a consequence it will contribute to the scalability of implementation and provision of distant learning opportunities. The course evaluation questionnaires will be built in MOOC to collect participant feedback to be used in modifying/updating the final product.

  • Long-Term Professional Development Program. It will increase competences of STEM teachers and will make them aware of the very recent developments in science education. The inquiry-based design of the program will ensure to facilitate an understanding and mastering the logic of inquiry in teaching practice. At the same time Professional Development Program will introduce and train on effective forms and methods in STEM teaching, learning and assessment.


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