Project title: Creative Partnerships Development of Creativity in General Education Schools of Lithuania by Applying and Implementing the Model of Creative Partnerships
Partners: Lithuanian University of Educational Sciences, Vytautas Magnus University, Klaipėda State College, Kėdainiai Adult Training Centre, Utena Education Centre, Adult Training Centre of the Kelmė District Municipality, Pakruojis Adult and Youth Education Centre, public institution Lazdijai Education Centre, and Marijampolė Education Centre.
Project duration: July 2011 – December 2014
Project description: The Creative Partnerships model brings cooperation between the Creative Practitioners – artists, cultural and creative industry representatives, and scientists – and schools into reality. The program invites the Creative Practitioners to work together with teachers in schools and implement together with the students creative and unique projects in each school.
Creativity as the ability to wonder, doubt, think critically, cooperate, search for connections and resolve problems by creating novelties is one of the fundamental general competences determining successful individual activities in a modern dynamic society and the successful evolution of the society.
The Creative Partnerships model offers to schools the unique experience of Creative Practitioners, ideas for upgrading the education and practical assistance in implementing them, helps change the learning process and creates conditions for the development of children’s creativity by changing the teaching – the methods, means, organisation, environment and teachers’ attitude towards their own creativity and the potential of creative work.
Expected results: The anticipated outcome of the Project:
During the Programme, the creative learning methodology will be developed and tested, evaluated and implemented. The methodological materials will be distributed, specialists (teachers and the Creative Practitioners) will be trained, and long-term contacts will be established. The stake holders will be aware of the significance of creative education that will create conditions for more frequent and professional application of creative learning methods in general education schools after the completion of the Project, and creative learning will not be limited to particular events and lessons on a few disciplines and will become the practice of the entire school.
Involved parties:
A total of 100 schools will be selected and prepared to participate in the “Creative Partnerships” project.
Around 220 creative learning projects will be implemented in general education schools of Lithuania.
Around 200 Creative Professionals will be trained to work with schools under the Creative Partnerships methodology.
4,000 students will acquire creative learning experiences, experimenting, taking risks.
1,000 teachers will improve their qualifications in the field of creative learning, trying out new creative approaches to learning and making it more engaging.
Internet portal is created.
Target group(s): • Students of general education schools;
• Teachers of general education schools;
• Creative Professionals;
• Administrative workers of the life-long learning system.
Contact person: Milda Laužikaitė, Project Manager
Contacts (phone, email): +370 671 39582,,


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