Project title: Development In-service Training and Retraining of Teachers‘ (Phase II)
Partners: 49 municipal education support centres 6 institutes of continuing studies at the Universities Centre of Information Technologies in Education
Project duration: 24 months
Project description:

The purpose of the project Development In-service Training and Retraining of Teachers‘ (Phase II) is to test new in-service training forms and disseminate them. The project also includes measures related to implementation of teachers’ in-service training and retraining model. It is the largest project of teachers’ in-service training, that will test and apply innovative forms of in-service training, such as mini-training, supervision, peer coaching and teacher internships in Lithuania and abroad.

The main aim of the Project is to create favourable conditions for teachers’ in-service training and retraining.

The main goals of the Project:
1. To develop and implement teacher career model.
2. To improve measures of quality assurance of teachers’ in-service training.
3. To improve the regulation of the activity of education consultants.
4. To introduce innovative forms of in-service training.
5. The test new teachers’ in-service training forms.
6. To implement trainings on relevant topics.
7. To implement long-term in-service training programmes.
The main project activities:
1. The creation of teacher career model:
• Framing of teacher career model.
• Training and camp for beginning teachers.
2. The introduction and dissemination of teacher career model:
• The public consultations on teacher career model.
• The development of E-Systems, involving teachers’ in-service training data records and monitoring.
3. Development of systematic model of quality assurance of teachers’ in-service training.
4. Strengthening of entities, involved in teachers’ in-service training process:
• Training and internships of teachers‘ associations.
• Training for education policy decision makers on teachers’ in-service training.
5. The preparation of documents, regulating the status and performance of consultant.
6. The introduction of mini-training in school:
• The preparation of methodological recommendations for realization of mini-training in school.
• The realization of mini-training programs in school.

Mini-training – is training for school team, related to the planning of teacher‘s activities and educational process, organization of purposeful student co-operation, student and teacher collaboration, active students’ work during the lessons, practise-oriented professional development events for specific school community, etc.

7. The introduction of supervision:
• The preparation of methodological recommendations for the realization of supervision.
• The realization of supervision.

Supervision (counselling of professional relationship) – first time tested in Lithuania, new form of in-service training. The aim of supervision is to encourage teachers to analyse their own work, to value individually the problems and mutual cooperation. Supervisor (professional observer) helps to reach the solutions and implement it.

8. The introduction of Peer Coaching model:
• The preparation of recommendations for the implementation of Peer Coaching model.
• Facilitator training.
• The implementation of Peer Coaching model.

Peer Coaching – a unique form of teachers‘ professional improvement, based on teachers‘ mutual cooperation, improving their general skills. The aim of peer coaching is to train the leaders/teachers to be the advisers for their colleagues, helping them to improve the planning of the lessons applying the latest technology in education process in order to improve students’ achievements.

9. The introduction of short-term internships:
• The preparation of methodological recommendations for short-term internships’ organization.
• The realization of short-term internships.
• The preparation of methodological recommendations for internships abroad.
• The realization of internships abroad.

Internships in Lithuania – is the opportunity for experienced teachers and experts to spread their good practice and improve their practical skills and knowledge. Trainee do not „visit“, but learn new training methods with colleagues, make the acquaintance of the experts, gain the experience on how to organize internships in their own schools. Abroad internships – proposed for teachers to introduce features of the work of teachers from other countries, improve communication and cooperation skills. Internships will be provided in Norway, Finland, Austria and Slovenia.

10. Innovative forms of teachers‘ in-service training development:
• The presentations of innovative forms of teachers‘ in-service training.
• The study of effectiveness of innovative forms of teachers‘ in-service training.
11. Teachers‘ TV creation and maintenance.
12. The organization of methodological days for certain school subject teachers.
13. The search and testing of new teachers‘ in-service training forms.
14. Teachers‘ in-service training long-term internship.
15. The implementation of Intel teach Essentials course:
• Education platform-system and methodological exchanges, cooperation and training for Intel teach Essentials course teachers.
• The courses for Intel training consultants.
• Training for teachers.
16. The implementation of teachers‘ self-esteem building programs.
17. Preparation and realization of in-service training programmes for the heads of educational institutions, related to the education content implementation.
18. Teachers‘, working in schools, that exercise the educational programmes in minority language, in-service training:
• The preparation and execution of bilingual education in-service training programs for teachers, who work in schools that exercise the educational programmes in minority language.
• To organize national Lithuanian language courses for teachers, who work in schools that exercise the educational programmes in minority language.
19. Organization of teachers’ and child care facilities retraining studies.
20. Organization of pre-school, pre-primary and primary school teachers’ retraining studies.
Expected results: • 7838 teachers will attend in teachers’ in-service training events.
• 70 teachers will participate in long-term internships.
• 495 teachers will finish pre-school education, primary school education, social pedagogics and pedagogics studies.
• 130 teachers from associated structures will improve their qualification.
• 230 representatives from institutions, providing education support services assistance, will improve their qualification.
• 61 presentations will be organized.
• 28 public consultations will be held.
• 50 video methodological tools will be prepared.
• 2 models will be prepared.
• 1 in-service teacher training system will be prepared.
Target group(s): Teachers
Contact Person: Project manager Ms. Rasa Šavareikaitė
Contacts (phone, email): Phone: +370 5 2772195
Mobile phone: +370 682 28055


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