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Project title: Dissemination Model of Curriculum Innovations
Partners: -
Project duration: 36 months
Project description: During the project implementation dissemination model of curriculum innovations will be created, innovative digital learning objects (hereafter - DLO) will be created or adapted, constantly renewed educational portal will be developed; teachers will be equipped with methodological materials which ensure successful and effective DLO integration in the classroom.
Expected results: 1. The analysis of DLO supply and suitability for use in education.
2. Created and adapted new DLO.
3. DLO and digital textbook evaluation criteria.
4. Methodology of created and adapted DLO usage.
5. Constantly renewed educational portal.
6. DLO usage consultants will be prepared.
7. Teacher training for 2120 teachers working with DLO.
Target group(s): Teachers, students, parents, administrators, school communities.
Contact person: Edita Sederevičiūtė, Project Manager
Contacts (phone, email): (8 5) 210 9826


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