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Project duration: 10-10-2011 – 09-10-2014 
Project description: The pursue of the project is the development of suitable environment in order to efficiently educate primary school students' practical, problem solving skills and creativity.
The Project activities will be organized in two main directions: by organizing teachers` professional development and enriching the methodological base of teaching and learning. New and modern programs of teachers` professional development, methodological publications and teaching and learning means will be created using good practices of previous projects. It should give for Lithuanian educator’s new knowledge, increase their motivation and support their abilities to use approaches helping to develop students` creativity, problem solving and practical skills. The teachers of primary schools, educational help specialists and specialists of lifelong learning will sustain educational and management competences together in order to increase the collegial solving of professional problems and the successful development and implementation of the project ideas.
Expected results:
  • 10 public discussions with educational communities of different regions of Lithuania (200 participants) in order to know the situation of practical, problem solving and creativity and how to enrich opportunities of such situation.
  • The scientific research of the state of education in order to explore the educational situation of practical problem solving and creativity in Lithuania and foreign countries as well.
  • 2 programs of teachers` and educational help specialists` professional development (75 participants)
  • 8 study visits in Germany, Finland, United Kingdom, Austria for primary school teachers, educational help specialists and specialists of system of lifelong learning (260 participants)
  • a program of specialists` of system of lifelong learning professional development (60 participants)
  • website and virtual project environment for communication, collaboration and sharing of good practices of educators
  • adaptation of 20 ITC programs and tools with instructions and recommendations for educators
  • A program of professional development for 54 schools` teams and communities
  • Methodological publication – the practical guide of educating creativity, practical and problems solving skills (with DVD)
  • 2 translated methodological publications
  • Soft wear for primary school students supporting their practical, problems solving and creativity skills.
Target group(s):
  • primary school teachers
  • educational help specialists
  • specialists of lifelong learning
Contact person: Asta Rudienė
Contacts (phone, email): Phone: +37052109831,


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