Project title: Development of lifelong learning opportunities in rural areas (2nd phase)
Partners: -
Project duration: Project duration: 11-09-2012 – 11-09-2014
Project description: The project aims to develop opportunities of lifelong learning and improve quality of its services meeting needs of local community in order to help local community members, and especially those that are socially excluded, at risk or having special needs, to acquire competencies and skills needed for better adaptation to the requirements of the labor market and active participation in society. Currently Lithuanian municipalities are actively establishing universal multifunction centres in rural areas. The mission foreseen for these centres is to collaborate with other service providers operating in the area providing coordinated and complex solutions to the problems of insufficient or redundant quality and accessibility of education, culture, health and social services.

The objectives of the project are the following:

• to form a unified understanding of the purpose and functions of multifunction centres; promoting inter-sectorial cooperation among the various educational, cultural, health and social actors to create network of multifunction centres in Lithuania that would better ensure co-ordination, supply and availability of education and other services for rural communities;
• to prepare and enable the staff of multifunction centres to organize qualitative educational, social and other services meeting the needs of local community;
• to provide services of non-formal education services to those of social exclusion, social risk and special needs in regions.
Expected results: • 5 documents and legal acts that regulate the effective functioning of the network of multifunction centres prepared;
• 81 person has improved their competences required for effective and qualitative work at the multifunction centre and for the local community;
• 1270 people of social exclusion, social risk and special needs received training.
Target group(s): Staff of multifunction centres and residents of rural areas, including people of social exclusion, social risk and special needs.
Contact person: Giedrė Tumosaitė, Project Manager
Contacts (phone, email): +370 685 55761,


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