Education Development Centre (EDC) is the biggest institution affiliate to the Ministry of Education, Science and Sport of the Republic of Lithuania providing educational support in the field of pre-school, primary and general education.

EDC staff consists of more than 100 professionals in education.


We actively aim:

  • to form general education curriculum, which corresponds to the needs of society;

  • to initiate, create and implement innovations in education;

  • to implement education content quality assurance;

  • to improve school performance;

  • to implement necessary quality assurance activities in in-service teacher training and initiate and implement in-service teacher training programmes.


Over the years we have accumulated experience in these fields of expertise:

  • education content: development and implementation of general education content; analysis of educational processes and initiation of education innovations; coordination of education content adaptation to learners with various needs; coordination, initiation of methodological materials’ preparation for curriculum implementation and dissemination;

  • educational support: information support and consulting in education for education providers;

  • in-service teacher training: preparation and implementation of in-service teacher and school head training programmes; expert evaluation and accreditation of teacher and school head training programmes;

  • quality assurance: organization and coordination of expert evaluation of textbooks and other teaching/learning tools and methodological publications for general education.


We successfully collaborate with teachers of all Subject Associations and social partners.


Education Development Centre (EDC) was established on the 1st of September in 2009 after the reorganization of Teacher Professional Development Center (TPDC), Education Development Centre (EDC), Teacher Competence Centre (TCC), Lithuanian Adult Education and Information Centre (LAEIC) and is the largest institution under the direct authority of the Ministry of Education and Science.

In 1945 the Republican Pedagogical Cabinet at the Ministry of Education was founded. In 1950 the cabinet was transformed into Republican Teacher Qualification Improvement Institute which had the main function of teacher qualification improvement and teacher training. In 1990 after the independence of our country was restored, the institute was rearranged into Lithuanian In-Service Teacher Training Institute. In 1999 the institute reorganized into Teacher Professional Development Centre (TPDC). The main goals of this institute were: dissemination of education reform ideas and innovations, implementation of strategic in-service training projects and programmes, preparation of consultants for regions, organization and coordination of methodological activity, preparation of methodological tools for teachers.

In 1958 the Scientific School Research Institute was established which was reorganized into Pedagogical Scientific Research Institute and later into Institute of Pedagogy. In 1991 Education Development Centre was established after the restructuring of the Institute of Pedagogy. The main EDC tasks were: the preparation and introduction of the documents which determine the curriculum and methodological material for teachers, organization and implementation of education system monitoring, preparation of education development models.

In 2003 Teacher Competence Centre (TCC) was established. This institution organized the supervision of in-service teacher training quality, accreditation of in-service teacher training institutions and their programmes, and provision of methodological support. TCC had been coordinating the attestation of pedagogues and school administrators, implementing expert in-service teacher training evaluation and participating in expertise of teacher training programmes.

In 2005 after the reorganization of Distance (Extramural) Education Centre, Lithuanian Adult Education and Information Centre (LAEIC) started its activity. The Centre had been providing support for continuing adult education, gathering and storing data about adult education possibilities, about institutions which provide adult education and their programmes, disseminating information, testing adult education status and needs, implementing different projects about adult education development.


Education Development Centre
Head of Law, personnel and public procurement temporary performing function of Director Rimas Stankevičius
M. Katkaus str. 44,
LT-09217 Vilnius 
Phone: +370 5 277 2195
Fax: +370 5 277 2191 
E-mail: info@upc.smm.lt

Education Content Division
Temporary performing function of head of division Šarūnas Gerulaitis
Phone: +370 5 271 1548
E-mail: Sarunas.Gerulaitis@upc.smm.lt

In-Service Training Division
Rasa Šavareikaitė
Phone: +370 5 277 2195
E-mail: Rasa.Savareikaite@upc.smm.lt

School Performance Development Division

Phone: +370 5 277 2195
E-mail: info@upc.smm.lt

Education Content Quality Assurance Division
Edita Sederevičiūtė
Phone: +370 5 279 9889
E-mail: Edita.Sedereviciute@upc.smm.lt

Information and Communication Division
Irena Ramoškaitė
Phone: +370 5 210 9822
E-mail: Irena.Ramoskaite@upc.smm.lt

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